The Voice Cartel

Everyone has to do their own casting calls from a trillion different places.  Lets make this easier.  Here's the best Voice Talent in town for Commercial, Animation, Narration, and everything else under the sun.

Once you've made your selection, or for access to dozens of Voice Artists, please email and we'll book some auditions for your project.

Listen to demos from our featured Talent below.  

Lucas 1.jpg

Lucas Gilbertson

Lucas' rich baritone voice lends itself perfectly to projects yearning for a Warm Friendly Tone, one of a kind Comedic Timing, or Suave Cool Guy Attitude.

Carol-Anne Day - For CLAC 3.jpg

Carol-Anne Day

CA is known for a dynamic vocal range that encompasses Bright, Fun, and Youthful, to Mature, Soft, and Professional.  A one stop shop for female VO.


Hans wackershauser

Hans has a Unique Energetic Voice that bridges the gap beautifully between Seasoned Professional and Youthfully Zany.  Perfect for a project you want to really stand out!

Melissa Dorsey

Melissa's Rich Cadence brings Smolder, Authority, and Light-Heartedness to projects and her years of experience make her a major asset.

Caitlynne Medrek

Cait has charisma in spades.  Her Vivacious Youthful Voice gives projects Lightness, Joy, and Electricity that only she can bring.

brett bauer

Brett is a veteran of Radio and Cartoon voice over known for his unmatched Hero Voice, great Sales Read, and Genuine Likable performance.  He's a true jack of all trades.

megan baldrey

Megan's Rich Smokey Voice lends Elegance, Texture, and Warmth to projects - making copy feel Comforting and Inviting to anyone listening.

brendan hunter

Brendan has the Inviting Family Tone that only a Father can have.  His voice may be Soft and Funny, or Deep and Persuasive, making him a Flexible talent for any producer.