Hans Wackershauser, the newest addition to Hermit Sherpa, started his acting journey in 2008 and it was as awesome as you’d expect.


One morning Hans awoke to the sounds of the wind. It spoke to him. Whispering tales of an underground voice over community in Calgary. He took it upon himself to find this community and become a part of it. After auditioning and taking classes Hans landed his first V/O gig. Playing the beloved Cardfight!! Vanguard fanboy Shingo Komoi. (Everyone loved him and nobody was annoyed.)

Since then he has been working steadily. Lending his talents to such shows as Future Card Buddyfight, B-Daman Fireblast, The Little Prince… and many more.


Now he has teamed up with Lucas and Carol-Anne to create awesome original animated content and blow up the internet.



Behind the Voice Actors