Carol-Anne Day is a veteran actor with a career that began in the theatre more than 15 years ago, and led to her first anime role in 2001. Since that first role as ‘Chidori Kuruma’ in Ceres: Celestial legend, she has provided voices for characters in many different anime series and video games.

A few of her most notable roles include: “Four Murasame” in Zeta Gundam, as well as the Dynasty Warrior video games, “Allenby Beardsley” in Mobile Suit G Gundam, “Pleasant Thief Marino” in the Megaman X Command Mission video game, “Teen Chi Chi” in Dragonball, “Fiona” in Zoids: Chaotic Century, and “Mai Tokiha” in Mai-Hime and My-Otome. 

Along with those roles, she currently has the pleasure of being a part of the online broadcasted trading card game series Cardfight!!Vanguard as “Misaki Tokura” in, and Futurecard Buddyfight as “Paruko Nanana”. 

When she is not busy recording animated projects or video games, she is also involved with dinner theatre and numerous musical endeavours spanning back up singing to lead guitar, and song writing. There is also a chance she has incredible superpowers….but maybe that’s just hearsay….maybe…




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